Running a paid for performance BACKEND AGENCY is the best biz model I’ve ever run across since 2004. Fast start. Builds recurring income incredibly fast. You don’t take shizz from anyone.

Biz owners are EAGER to turn over their most valuable assets to you if you make it risk free and TURN-KEY it for them. Just farting around with one or two clients can be a $100,000 a year income.

There’s so much packed in BEAMER that we can’t even begin to lay it all out for you: Agreements, checklists, Letters of Understanding, recording of sales calls, how we layout our projects, campaigns, and so much more. We can’t call it a business-in-a-box because it’s in Kajabi😊 but it’s the next closest thing.

==> 30 Year Wealth Shortcut

Phoneless Sales Machine

Generate 5 to 6 figure paydays using 6th grade simple-to-write messages WITHOUT Sales Calls, VSLs, or Webinars.

This is how we close $500 to $50,000 sales with Google Docs and NO sales calls or salespeople…USING OTHER PEOPLE’S LISTS AND AUDIENCES.

It’s typical we get paid up to 50% commission on products we don’t have to deliver.

==> Tap in $2k+ sales with chat, text, or email…